The Badgers Take New York

Episode 5: Coney Island

March 2rd, 2018

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Hey All,

Welcome back for the Saturday edition of the Badgers Take New York

Episode Five is a new day, and Josh and I set off for Coney Island. Unfortunately, the amusement park was not open but we were able to take in the sights of the boardwalk and walk along the beach. We headed over to the New York Aquarium and got to see all the great animals they had. After catching the sea lion show we headed for a bite to eat at Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs. After a quick ride on the subway we spent the rest of the afternoon at the Brooklyn Bridge taking in the sights!

Enjoy and stay tuned for episode six on March 16th after a quick break as the Badger team takes the Ferry to Staten Island.

Your friend,

Badger Joe

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Episode Six:
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Locations By Episode:

EPISODE FIVE: Coney Island/Brooklyn Bridge

Episode Five

  • Nate’s Place (Brooklyn, NY)
  • Coney Island (Brooklyn, NY)
  • New York Aquarium (Brooklyn, NY)
  • Brooklyn Bridge (Brooklyn, NY)

EPISODE FOUR: Times Square

Episode Four

  • Times Square (Manhatten, NY)
  • Madison Square Garden (Manhatten, NY)
  • Empire State Building (Manhatten, NY)

EPISODE THREE: Take Courage America

Episode Three

  • Central Park (Manhatten, NY)
  • Sheep Meadow (Manhatten, NY)
  • Umpire Rock (Manhatten, NY)
  • Columbus Circle (Manhatten, NY)

EPISODE TWO: Manhattan

Episode Two

  • B&H Store (Manhatten, NY)
  • Central Park (Manhatten, NY)
  • Trump Tower (Manhatten, NY)
  • Belvedere Castle (Manhatten, NY)
  • American History Museum (Manhatten, NY)


Episode One

  • Midway Airport (Chicago, IL)
  • La Gaurdia Airport (Queens, NY)
  • Nate’s Place (Brooklyn, NY)
  • Castle Clinton (Manhatten, NY)
  • Trinty Church (Manhatten, NY)
  • The Oculus (Manhatten, NY)
  • Popular Jewelry (Manhatten, NY)
  • The Barcade (Manhatten, NY)