Our Mission:

At Badger Creative, our goal is to increase brand awareness through creative marketing strategies. We strive to connect you and your customers through meaningful interactions that will strengthen brand loyalty and enhance the user experience. As a full service creative firm, we are able to take your ideas all the way from concept to distribution. Our experienced team will guide you through the creative process that best fits the marketing plan for your business. Whether it’s a video for your website or social media, new logos or web design, we handle it all.

Meet the Team





After finishing his first degree in Audio Engineering, Josh moved his talents to Los Angeles to work as an intern for SkeeTV.  It was then, that he would rediscover his passion for filmmaking.  Upon returning to Wisconsin, Josh landed at UW-Milwaukee to further his education and complete a B.F.A. in Film Production.  Since then he has worked on various projects ranging from documentaries, musical performances, corporate training and marketing.  He has even worked on a few programs for live television.  Josh continues to strive for the best by furthering his education and practicing his skills as a cinematographer and editor for Badger Creative.





Video production quickly became a part of Joe’s life when he created a video ad and ran for president of the U.S. in 2007. While becoming president seemed out of reach, a career in video production suddenly seemed attainable. His work in documentary filmmaking has given him the opportunity to work with many people of different backgrounds across the state from migrant workers on dairy farms to community clean water initiatives to veterans. After studying four years at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, Joe graduated in 2015 with his BFA in Film. Now, as an important member of Badger Creative, Joe leads various projects as a producer and editor.



Web Development

Graphic Design

With an interest in computers since childhood, Korey enjoys utilizing the Adobe Creative Suite to create a variety of digital graphics. Some of his earliest projects included designing and printing t-shirts for high school clubs and faith based organizations. This focus on art and design, pushed him to attend UWM Peck School of the Arts pursuing a degree in graphic design. During this time he started working with smaller start-up companies, structuring online content and helping them build a stronger brand. After one short semester at Peck, he switched into advertising and public relations to focus on strengthening these skills. He has a strong interest in technology and enjoys keeping up-to-date with the latest trends. Having worked as an audio engineer at UWM Television & Engineering, where he met his current partners, Korey occasionally helps out with audio operation for Badger Creative. His primary role however, is leading the Badger Creative Web Design & Development team on projects ranging from site rebuilds to SEO strategy.



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