The Badgers Take New York

Episode 4: Times Square

February 23, 2018

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Hey All,

Welcome back! We hope you enjoyed episode three and are ready to move on to Times Square!

Episode Four is the fun contination of our exploration of Manhatten! After a great visit to the American History Museum, we set off for the bright lights on Times Square. Lured in by the large billboards and street preformers, we took our chance to be famous in New York. This Episode follows Josh and I as we made our way through Times Square and eventually made new friends- Lucie and Tessa from Berlin, Germany! From there we set all off to the find the famous Times Square Toy R Us.  We hope you enjoy Times Square as much as we did!

Enjoy and stay tuned for episode five on March 5th as the Badger team heads to Coney Island!

Your friend,

Badger Joe

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Episode Five:
Coming 03/02/18

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Locations By Episode:

EPISODE FOUR: Times Square

Episode Four

  • Times Square (Manhatten, NY)
  • Madison Square Garden (Manhatten, NY)
  • Empire State Building (Manhatten, NY)

EPISODE THREE: Take Courage America

Episode Three

  • Central Park (Manhatten, NY)
  • Sheep Meadow (Manhatten, NY)
  • Umpire Rock (Manhatten, NY)
  • Columbus Circle (Manhatten, NY)

EPISODE TWO: Manhattan

Episode Two

  • B&H Store (Manhatten, NY)
  • Central Park (Manhatten, NY)
  • Trump Tower (Manhatten, NY)
  • Belvedere Castle (Manhatten, NY)
  • American History Museum (Manhatten, NY)


Episode One

  • Midway Airport (Chicago, IL)
  • La Gaurdia Airport (Queens, NY)
  • Nate’s Place (Brooklyn, NY)
  • Castle Clinton (Manhatten, NY)
  • Trinty Church (Manhatten, NY)
  • The Oculus (Manhatten, NY)
  • Popular Jewelry (Manhatten, NY)
  • The Barcade (Manhatten, NY)