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What Inspires You?

By Nathanael Stevenson

Nate and the Bandito King

Lookout over Lake Michigan

at Lions Den Park

For me the beauty of inspiration is that it can strike at any moment, at any place, anytime, because of anything. Keeping an open mind allows the seeds of inspiration to be planted within me and experiences are what allow them to grow. It can be personal inspiration like a dream or an epiphany or the discovery of a new empathetic angle with which to view the world. It can be natural inspiration like the beauty found in the repeating patterns of nature or the mysteries found in another’s eyes when you peer into their soul. As an aspiring filmmaker, I am always reconsidering the nature of my inspiration and where I could draw it from that I have not already. How do I pay further attention to what I am already paying attention to?

I have found that the answer lies in my 5 senses. They are my tools for inspiration. How I react to them and whether or not I draw inspiration from them depends largely on the state of mind I am in when I experience them. This is important to me because I have also found that the reactions I have serve as inputs for the way others around me interpret the world. As we input things to our 5 senses we can become inspired to output our own unique reflection of them. Thus, in addition to the study of my own 5 senses the things other people reflect also inspire me; Animation, films, video games, music, culture, philosophy, spirituality, sexuality, technology, literature. They let me know how similar or different another’s experience was using the same raw data my senses received. Then, I can piece together a mosaic of experience both personal and foreign. In my case, that mosaic is a film.

Posted: March 3, 2017