The Badgers Take New York

Episode 3: Take Courage America

February 16, 2018

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Hey All,

Welcome back! We hope you enjoyed episode two and are ready for more.

Episode Three is a breakout episode based on our day two adventures that took place in episode two.  In this episode, we sit down with Liam to talk about his book “Take Courage America”.  Liam shares his thoughts on pop culture and the ideas expressed in his book i.e. racism, courage and insights about the human condition as he walks across the U.S. in an effort to spread his message and promote his book.

If you would like to know more about Liam’s book or to purchase a copy visit:

Enjoy and stay tuned to see what happens next in episode four on February 23rd!

Your friend,

Badger Josh

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Locations By Episode:

EPISODE THREE: Take Courage America

Episode Three

  • Central Park (Manhatten, NY)
  • Sheep Meadow (Manhatten, NY)
  • Umpire Rock (Manhatten, NY)
  • Columbus Circle (Manhatten, NY)

EPISODE TWO: Manhattan

Episode Two

  • B&H Store (Manhatten, NY)
  • Central Park (Manhatten, NY)
  • Trump Tower (Manhatten, NY)
  • Belvedere Castle (Manhatten, NY)
  • American History Museum (Manhatten, NY)


Episode One

  • Midway Airport (Chicago, IL)
  • La Gaurdia Airport (Queens, NY)
  • Nate’s Place (Brooklyn, NY)
  • Castle Clinton (Manhatten, NY)
  • Trinty Church (Manhatten, NY)
  • The Oculus (Manhatten, NY)
  • Popular Jewelry (Manhatten, NY)
  • The Barcade (Manhatten, NY)